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five tips to improve your writing
five tips to improve your writing
Want to become a better writer? In this video, I will share five easy and quick tips that will improve writing in formal and academic settings. If youre in college or university or plan to study overseas, this video is for you! Watch the lesson
 ٠١:٢٤ - 1393/07/22 - نظرات : ٠بیشتر >>
IELTS Reading
Must watch video for IELTS test takers to score high in reading module!
 ٠٠:٣١ - 1393/06/23 - نظرات : ٠بیشتر >>
IELTS Reading strategies
IELTS Reading strategies: True, False, Not Given
Oh no! My IELTS test is coming, and I am not prepared! Sound familiar? In this video I will give you tips on how to do well on one of the hardest parts of the IELTS. I will explain a specific type of question you may find in the Reading module of the IELTS: True, False, or Not Given. After watching this class, you can try to do some practice questions. After all, practice makes perfect.
 ٠٥:٥٣ - 1393/06/11 - نظرات : ٠بیشتر >>
 ٠٠:٢١ - 1393/05/24 - نظرات : ١بیشتر >>
IELTS Speaking
IELTS Speaking, Hobbies
Examiner Comments on Candidate Band 6 This candidate is able to keep going and is willing to give long answers, though he sometimes does not directly answer the examiners questions. There is some hesitation and repetition in his speech, however, and this limits his fluency. He uses a range of discourse markers, though not always appropriately or accurately (but on the other side; in nearest future). His vocabulary is sufficient to discuss the topics at some length, and in spite of some uncertainty (how to say?) and some inaccurate word choice (Its of course not very well for family and for health), he generally conveys his ideas and opinions effectively. He attempts to use a mix of simple and complex structures, but his control of grammar is rather variable. Omissions of verbs, as well as minor errors, become quite frequent towards the end of the test, although these rarely impede communication. His grammatical control is the weakest aspect of his performance in this part, but his range of structures is sufficient for the higher band. His pronunciation is his best feature. It is generally clear, although occasional words are difficult to catch. He maintains effective use of stress, rhythm and intonation, despite lapses. In this part, the candidates performance reaches Band 6.
 ٠١:٤٠ - 1393/05/20 - نظرات : ٠بیشتر >>
Improve English for the IELTS Speaking test
Fluency and Coherence
This video explains the aspects of fluency and coherence that are considered during the assessment of IELTS Speaking, which include speaking at length, organising ideas logically, and appropriately signposting to indicate the direction of your thoughts. Suggestions & examples, along with advice to improve your fluency
 ٠١:٢٣ - 1393/05/20 - نظرات : ١بیشتر >>
The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS
IELTS Speaking Test
See what a real IELTS Speaking Test is like and prepare for YOUR exam. In this video, a real IELTS examiner and candidate demonstrate a part of the test.
 ١٧:٢٩ - 1393/05/19 - نظرات : ١بیشتر >>

دوره های آموزشی آزمون منابع آموزشی اطلاعات مهاجرتی امکانات آفرینش ارتباط با آفرینش
  ◦ خانه   ◦ رزرو آزمون تعیین سطح   ◦ پرتال آموزش   ◦ صفحه اصلی مهاجرت   ◦ تصحیح Writing   ◦ نشانی و شماره تماس
  ◦ جدول زمانبندی کلاسها   ◦ درباره آزمون آزمایشی   ◦ دانلود Ebook   ◦ آرشیو اخبار مهاجرت   ◦ تور بازدید مجازی   ◦ پشتیبانی آنلاین
  ◦ کلاسهای خصوصی   ◦ راهنمای آزمون آزمایشی   ◦ دانلود نمونه Writing   ◦ کانادا   ◦ فروم (انجمنهای گفتگو)   ◦ شماره حساب بانکی
  ◦ دوره Fundamental   ◦ نتایج آزمونهای آزمایشی   ◦ دانلود منابع آزمون IELTS   ◦ آمریکا   ◦ گالری شعبه جام جم   ◦ گروه فیسبوک آفرینش
  ◦ دوره های Premium   ◦ زمانبندی مصاحبه آزمون آزمایشی   ◦ دانلود فایلهای مفید IELTS   ◦ آلمان   ◦ گالری عکس آفرینش   ◦ آموزش سازمانی
  ◦ کارگاه مجازی IELTS   ◦ زمانبندی تصحیح اوراق Writing   ◦ دانلود نمونه فرمهای IELTS   ◦ استرالیا   ◦ فروشگاه آنلاین آفرینش   ◦ اساتید آفرینش
  ◦ راهنمای کارگاه مجازی   ◦ کارگاه حل تشریحی آزمون   ◦ دانلود کلیپ های آموزشی   ◦ سوئد   ◦ کارنامه IELTS زبان آموزان   ◦ درخواست نمایندگی
  ◦ ثبت نام کارگاه مجازی   ◦ کلید آزمونهای آزمایشی   ◦ دانلود کلاسهای مجازی   ◦ ایتالیا   ◦ سازمانهای طرف قرارداد   ◦ ثبت شکایات
  ◦ لینک صفحه ورودی کارگاه   ◦ آزمونهای پایان ترم   ◦ بانک سئوالات Speaking   ◦ اروپا   ◦ عضویت در سایت   ◦ سئوالات متداول
      ◦ راهنمای IELTS رسمی   ◦ آسیا   ◦ جستجو در سایت  
        ◦ آمریکای جنوبی   ◦ نقشه سایت  


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